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Top 3 Sci-Fi Website Designs

October 11, 2017 Computers Sci-fi 0

Today I thought we’d mix it up a bit and look into a more Computer related topic. Specifically websites and cool looking Sci-Fi designs! As you can probably tell, between us and our friends at Hare Digital, who specialize in Pakenham website design, we’ve put together a very nice looking site for you guys here at CCGS.
But alas, there are still far more furturistic looking and insanly interactive websites out there that trump all over ours!

Here is my Top 3 Sci-fi website designs:



    SyfyThis will sound very cliche’ but, who is just a mask for the Syfy channel. Have found themselves a nice design here. The simple navigation and key focus points stand out with bubbled up with bold, bright elements and make the website extremely user friendly.. I mean, I could be bias as you can actually view full episodes of tv shows online and the entire website is set out in a pleasing manner. Any visitor to this site would be pleased as the dark brooding background is perfectly contrasts against the bright yellow text and underlay images.

    Overall rating: 9/10


    ozcomiconSo you’re now sitting there scratching your head thinking “Oooook… A Comicon website? Really?” Yes, really! Fr those of you who are not familiar with conventions, there are really only 2 things that people attending care about, 1. Who’s appearing? and 2. Which cities is it attending? We noticed both of these questions were immediately answered on the landing page in the lead up to Oz Comicon. Normally, there is a bar on the right hand side with a complete list of which of your favorite sci-fi stars are attending, then in the header, you can click a major city location tab in order to find out who exactly will be attending near you! Super easy and super user friendly!

    Overall rating 7.5/10


    magicDid you really think I would be able to do this post without making a reference to the Magic world? But in all honestly, the website that Wizard has put together for their collectible card game is absolutely fantastic! Not only does it offer sections for new players, it caters to the experienced ones with a more in-depth look at cards, characters and alike. The website also offers tutorials, how to play guides and strategy guides for which ever type you wish to play with. The site has a very rare ability too, in which it re-markets itself through sales tabs, event tabs and even a resources section to keep the player engaged, very crafty indeed!

    Overall rating: 8.5/10


So that was my breakdown of the Top 3 Sci-fi websites out there. In case you didn’t notice, we have tried to adapt a more hands on approach with our site (and really try to hone in on the spacey / sci-fi feeling). How did we do? Did we miss anything?

Let us know!



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